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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Sometimes when i see those people
who seem to have everything in their life sorted out
everything is planned
everything is arranged
and decided in advance.
Following a certain routine,
moving towards a certain goal,
what they want to do in life
what they want to do now
i cant help but envy them.

I'll just let life sort itself out.

When someone said,

'the only constant thing in life is change'

they weren't joking.

Finally got the basic theory and advanced theory driving books
now im gonna mug the book like for the A Levels
no way im gonna study so soon hahah.
im soon forgetting how to even hold a pen already.

My father bought a new tv which was delivered today.
52 inch omg its almost the size of my bed hahaha
now all i need is better quality films and sound system
no point having a nice tv when the video is grainy
and the sound is like old men grumbling behind a wooden wall.

I wanna go overseas before i enlist man...

Why is everyone working now?!?!?
Theres always time to do so
from the day you graduate from uni
till the day you die
why start now?

Friday, January 08, 2010

Chalet was like a mega sausage fest
only had girls for the first night and the bbq
for the next two nights it was guys guys guys man.
Seems like a prelude to NS life :x
pictures not up yet cause no one wants to upload lol.

Getting a new tv soon cant wait :D

And i still dunwannna work eh
i only have like 8 weeks left?
after that its two years worth of weekdays gone :X
no way im gonna waste my last few years of
carefreeness on a job that would probably earn me
peanuts when compared to the future.

Somehow this post a level holiday seems less fulfilling
im just taking back what a level stopped me from doing
nth more than that, nth new to add.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Its off to chalet from tml till wed, cya! :)

Friday, January 01, 2010

Hope that 2010 will be a better year.

. . .

Be realistic please CY.

First post of the year!
I have lots to say but everytime i open up blogger somehow the feeling is gone.
I shall try to recap in point form then.
Dont expect pictures cause this is not facebook or flickr.

1) Ushered in the new year as an usher
- Get paid to watch a 30 bucks show, not bad

2) SG idol finalists butchered starstruckk by 3OH3 & Katy

3) I dont understand why Da Mouth was asked to perform eng songs
- Why get chinese speaking people to sing english songs in singapore??
- And i dont really see whats the appeal about them....
cant even hear what they are singing, only the tune.
which kinda defeats the purpose since its a cover -_-

4) TGSE (thegreatspyexperiment) was good!

5) Generally the performances this year kinda lost out to last's

6) I hope the driver of SHA3638R dies in a car crash.
-refer to my fb for details, lazy to type.

At least i earned 80 bucks today, albeit 10 gone for the rubbish cab ride.

Im not really looking forward to 2010 :l
(Nth to do about what happened today)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'll probably not be blogging later on,
so this will be the last post of 2009.
The end of one uniform, and the start of the next.
No books for the next 2 years!
(except btt ftt and some army stuff)

Anyway hopefully the next year will be more eventful,
but i doubt that it will be in the way that im hoping for though.
Hopefully the world will be more peaceful (world peace \m/)
and that global warming worsensso that i can use my H2 geo
to get a job next time should i be unable to find one :P

Happy New Year! :)

Hopefully in the new year i will experience many new things,
while at the same time without losing any of the past.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

And whoever said money cant buy happiness obviously hasn't been out much.

Sherlock Holmes (Y)
Good movie, which cant be said for planet 51 or newmoon hahah.
Xmas doesnt feel that festive this year, dont know why.
Maybe im just not in the mood?

Just realised this is the last weekend of the year!
I hope liverpool wins later,
and that i'll make a killing in mahjong tml.

PS: Starbucks' toffee nut is good (Y)
only here for the xmas season so if u are trying u gotta get it fast!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Oh yah, Meh Lee Klis Mas! :)

Is it really not there?

Or am i just failing to notice it?


You'd be surprised at how fast things can go down.

Or even how far down it can go.
Just when you thought it couldn't go any lower,
it slaps you in the face.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just enrolled for driving at BBDC today, private manual.
I know im abit slow heh.
If anyone knows of a good private instructor please tell me thanks haha.


HOHOHO Merry Xmas!!..................eve.